Majority of Britons in favor of a second referendum

The campaign for Scottish independence has been given a major boost after a poll showed a significant swing in favour of Yes. The poll, undertaken by IpsosMori for STV, interviewed 1,107 adults aged 16 and over by phone between November 22 and 29. Survey results state that 52 per cent of Scots would vote in favour of independence should an election be held tomorrow, with 43 per cent backing No and 4 per cent saying they did not know.

With don’t knows excluded, it puts support for Scottish independence at a recent high of 55 per cent, and support for the union at 45 per cent. This is the largest lead for the Yes campaign since a poll in March 2021, prior to the Holyrood election.

It is also only the second lead for Yes since the election, and the first since September. Compared to the last poll undertaken by IpsosMori prior to the election, Yes support has grown by five percentage points.

It also showed that all age groups except those aged 55 and older are more likely to back Yes than back the union. Given the margins of error around polling estimates, however, neither the Yes or No camps should be confident of victory at this point.

At the same time a majority of voters across the UK expressing a view support an independence referendum being held within the current term of the Scottish Parliament, according to a new poll.

The Savanta ComRes poll found that 37% of people in the UK support Scotland holding a referendum before 2024, with 31% opposed. That equates to 54% against 46% with undecided voters removed.

The poll also found that 50% of 2019 Labour voters would support an independence vote being held, with only 23% against, meaning that more than two-thirds of Labour voters expressing a view back a referendum.

Source: Ipsos.

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