Only 10 years

In June, the people who form Gure Esku had the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes and toast in Portugalete, we remember what we lived during these 10 years and we projected what we still have to do.
During the event, Basque culture and politics came together around the right to decide. Maitane Sarralde expressed through suspended dance the fears and knots we feel when we embark on a journey to try to be more and more free. The writer Gotzon Barandiaran gave us the poem “Itsasargia”, in which he puts the exact words to the process of reflection that we have carried out in recent months. The artist from Gasteiztarra Kai Nakai put the Portuguese market to dance with the theme “Gugan Dago”, created for Gure Esku, among others.
At the time of the toast, Zelai Nikolas and Angel Oiarbide, spokespersons for Gure Esku at the beginning, and Josu Etxaburu, current spokesman for the citizen platform, took the stage. They highlighted the achievements made in the last 10 years and also spoke of the present and the future: With the help of Itsasargia, we have the clearest course, the sails prepared to withstand the wind, active imagination and the hope of reaching port stronger than ever. The time is coming to put the right to decide and sovereignty at the center. It is a journey to undertake together. Let’s get on course, let’s take the helm of the future! Together, we will get there!




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