Gure Esku (It's in our Hands) is a citizens' movement that works in favor of the right to decide and the aim of which is to decide on the political future of the Basque Country through a referendum within normality, freedom, and democratically.

It was created in 2013, and since then, it has organized a number of dynamics and mobilizations to deepen democratic culture and coinhabitance, focusing on the citizens’ empowerment and participation; all based on democratic and peaceful values.

Gure Esku is an autonomous and self-funded agent, which has recently launched a new membership campaign in order to strengthen dynamics. Making decisions is in the hands of us, the citizens. Make it possible!


2017 aurrekariak
Our background
The origins of Gure Esku are set in the town of Idiazabal, Gipuzkoa, and it emerged from the Nazioen Mundua initiative (A World of Nations). The movement was soon able to extend from Idiazabal to the whole of the Basque Country.  See the Gazta zati bat documentary (A Piece of Cheese): www.gaztazatibat.eu
2014 Durango-Iruñea
150,000 people claiming the right to decide united in a 123km-long human chain spanning from the town of Durango to the city of Iruñea. This event was organized by more than 170 community committees, and 900 buses were needed to take the people from all over the Basque Country to the human chain. The idea...
The tailors
The Jostunak documentary (The tailors) explains how the dynamics of the human chain began to spread from being a mere project to unite 150,000 citizens on June 8. The film reflects the testimonies of anonymous citizens and various Basque personalities. Eriz Zapirain is the director and the screenwriter, alongside Ion Telleria.  
2018 Herritarron Ituna
Citizens’ Agreement
More than 1,000 individuals and agents from all over the Basque Country converged around an agreement which includes 2019 reasons to decide on our political future through dynamics of participation. In June 2017 the project was presented in Bilbao, in a crowded mobilization, and it was launched as a human chain in June 2018, which...
Solidarity with Catalonia
Over the last few months, there have been many gestures of solidarity sent from the Basque Country over to Catalonia: demonstrations in Bilbo and Donostia, popular gatherings, talks with presidents Artur Mas, Juan José Ibarretxe and Quim Torra, round tables, trips to Barcelona, audiovisuals, letters, messages, and so on. Gure Esku has expressed its commitment...
Gure Eskuk eta Hamaika Gara ekimenaren inguruan bat egin duten Euskal Herriko alor anitzetako 24 eragileek agerraldia egingo dute Bilboko Areatzako loreen merkatuan, uztailaren 3rako antolatu duten mobilizazio nazionala aurkezteko.
Hamaika Gara
On March 11th, Gure Esku and 23 other agents launched “Hamaika Gara” dynamic. “Hamaika Gara” project was a massive accumulation of accessions and commitments in favour of the right to decide referendum. However, 21,389 signatures were collected. On 6 February 2023 we made our presentation to the Committee on Institutions, Public Governance and Security of...
photo_2021-07-15 23.08.56
Hamaika Gara erreferendumaren alde
On July 3, a massive mobilization was held in Bilbo under the slogan “Hamaika Gara erreferendumaren alde (We are a multitude in favor of the referendum).” There we said that we would not accept a statute that did not contemplate the right to decide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBOwGFnkgaU      
15 Pirinioetako Bidea
Pirinioetako Bidea
On 2 July, the citizens of Catalonia and the Basque Country illuminated more than 300 summits from the Cantabrian to the Mediterranean Sea in the mobilisation known as the “Pirinioetako Bidea” initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8jAjidoF4U  
International Conference
In April, the Itsasargia International Conference of Gure Esku was held in Ficoba (Irun). The first round table moderated by Jon Olano, under the title “Resolution of territorial conflicts at European level”, brought together Basque, Catalan and Galician journalists, such as Iñaki Soto (Gara), Ferrán Casas (Nacio Digital) and María Obelleiro (Nós Diario). In the...
euskal herritik mundura
From Euskal Herria to the world
In July the Tour de France was present in Euskal Herria. The race began in our land and the first three stages took place entirely on it, while, during another stage, the cyclists once again rode on the roads of Iparralde. An event for which the two states located on both sides of the Pyrenees...
2013 sorrera
The beginning
Gure Esku was launched on June 8, 2013, and within a year, the challenge of making a huge human chain was put forward. The movement began its journey based on these principles: 1.We are a nation 2.We have the right to decide 3.It’s the time of the citizens
A gigantic mosaic
On November 8, 2014, 10,000 people formed the largest human mosaic ever made in the Basque Country. That took place in the Zurriola beach in Donostia. The initiative had two goals: on one hand, the expression of the fact that the Basque Country was on its way to being able to exercise the right of...
Five stadiums
In the five capitals of the Basque Country, Gure Esku built enormous ballot boxes through an initiative of a full day program. Until then, the cloths from the Ehuntzen campaign took over the capitals making giant string fabrics. In the afternoon, events took place in San Mamés and Anoeta stadiums in Bilbo and Donostia, subsequently;...
2018 giza katea
Human chain
175,000 Basque citizens joined in a 201,9km-long human chain that united Donostia, Bilbo and Gasteiz by people holding their hands. The event united many claims in the Basque Country, based on the right to decide: ‘We are showing our collective capacity as people and a community. The discussion on the right to decide is at...
Following the path of the towns of Etxarri Aranatz and Arrankudiaga-Zollo, Gure Esku organized pollings in order to ask about the political status of the Basque Country and the right to decide in 208 towns and cities in an area covering one-third of the population of the Basque Country, including the city of Donostia. 1,061,058...
Arantzazuko Adierazpena 1
Declaration of Arantzazu
Promoted by Gure Esku, 100 people from all over Euskal Herria made a popular declaration at the Gandiaga Topagunea in Arantzazu, in Oñati. According to its spokesman, Josu Etxaburu, “we addressed people who can represent a large social majority of Euskal Herria”, with the aim of making visible through them the will of the people....
photo_2021-07-16 01.01.58
Presentation of “Pirinioetako Bidea”
On July 10, we presented the “Pirinioetako Bidea”, together with ANC, Òmnium Cultural, FEEC and Artistes per la Republicana. On that day Aiako Harria and Pedraforca mountains were illuminated, as a sign of what was to be done a year later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNGxGtQ7yHM  
Itsasargia Process
In autumn, in order to give greater ideological and constituent strength, we set in motion “Itsasargia” process, in which we agreed on the direction of Gure Esku for the coming years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwWFtTR559E    
10. urteurrena
Only 10 years
In June, the people who form Gure Esku had the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes and toast in Portugalete, we remember what we lived during these 10 years and we projected what we still have to do. During the event, Basque culture and politics came together around the right to decide. Maitane Sarralde...
euskal herriak erabaki
Euskal Herriak erabaki
In September the Vuelta a España also passed through our lands and like the Tour de France, it used the Iparralde and Hegoalde roads for the race. The cyclists entered Euskal Herria through Xiberu and the next stage was completed in Nafarroa in its entirety. From the same common thread of the Tour, we made...
the number of people who voted on pollings
the number of people united in the last human chain
the number of members of Gure Esku


There are Gure Esku groups all over 200 towns and cities, all of whom coordinated through Regional Assemblies. Volunteers and members from all ages, backgrounds, and ideologies form this diverse movement, which is led by a technical group.


Anartz Goia, Andoni Rodriguez, Beñat Sarasola, Egoitz Albizu, Eli Zubiaga, Garazi Basterretxea, Iñigo Urrutia, Irantzu Perello, Josu Etxaburu, Joxi Martin, June Romatet, Nekane Altzelai, Paula Roson, Pello Urzelai, Unai Beaskoetxea, Unai Jimenez, Unai Oiarzabal, Zelai Nikolas.

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